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How to implement the ORPI method, and the power of networking.

Updated: May 11

Lean six sigma business newsletter for managers

Dear Manager,

I'm excited to bring you this month's updates.

We had the privilege of interviewing further interesting podcast guests.

In episode 17 we spoke about optimizing leadership skills, company culture and boosting “Mojovation”, which is a word used frequently by Joe Apfelbaum.

He is the CEO and founder of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, LinkedIn expert, and Certified Google Trainer. He enjoys speaking and writing about digital marketing, professional networking, and personal development in his seminars, webinars, and articles.

Joe is an author of various books, and he has built several multi-million dollar businesses.

He is on a mission to help 1,000 hungry entrepreneurs go from frustration to ‘Mojovation’ via his online courses, books, and speaking engagements.

I am thrilled to introduce you to my amazing guest, Joe, and to see what you can apply to your business skills.

podcast interview with Joe apfelbaum and matt sitter

In episode 18 we explore the power of networking for achieving your managerial career goals.

Our guest, Matt Sitter, who lives in San Francisco, is the CEO of AFN (Advantage Foundry Network), a global CEO Network dedicated to finding opportunities within change. In this role, Matt enables the collective and diverse wisdom of AFN’s membership to assist leaders addressing challenges, from managing their board to aligning their teams and expanding their products into new markets.

He eagerly embraces his vocation, building great relationships, teams, organizations, and networks. He is also the Founder and Principal of Kinetic Path, offering executive coaching, leadership development programs, and analysis of team effectiveness. Matt has created tools for communication assessment, leader prioritization, and meeting optimization, advising leaders across diverse industries such as Technology, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Defense, Real Estate, Healthcare, and more.

I am thrilled to introduce you to this amazing guest, Matt.

In the next Newsletter we will introduce you to 2 further guests:

Jack Skeels who demonstrate how to create empowered and happy organizations and Kumar Vijayendra, who will teach you how environmental sustainability initiatives boost overall business excellence.

Lean six sigma business tips and tricks

This month, we'll delve into the ORPI tool.

Why use this tool?

Utilize ORPI during your meetings, project kick-off sessions, or the initiation of a new corporate program to ensure all crucial messages are covered.

When to use this tool?

Either during meetings, at the beginning of a project, initiative, corporate program, or workshop.

3 Do's and 3 Don’ts:

Do: Integrate the ORPI tool into any situation, even if you feel you need to skip one of the 4 areas of the tool.

Do: Ask participants to paraphrase or rephrase key messages.

Do: Use the ORPI tool even when you are not doing Lean Six Sigma projects

Don't: Feel obliged to use the template as a survey at the end of the kick-off, it is only optional. As a facilitator, you can check that everyone understood the topics covered in ORPI having them paraphrase or rephrase.

Don't: Forget that you can use ORPI as your guideline preparation of the beginning of each workshop or kick-off.

Don't: Need to inform your stakeholders that you are using this tool. They might not even notice that you are applying this technique. It is important to know that you have covered all 4 ORPI areas.

How to use this tool?

Watch my 4-minute video tutorial for a detailed explanation of this tool and get a free downloadable template for your convenience. Here is the link: ORPI Tutorial.

You can also access ORPI and all other Lean Six Sigma tools in our tool vault. In case you are not able to enter the tool vault, consider registering first. Once registered, navigate to the “Define Phase” and select the desired tool.

Lean six sigma courses

We're happy to announce that we have migrated all online manager and employee courses to our new WAVE webpage.

After collecting feedback from our customers (VOC), we have now made the training experience even more user-friendly by streamlining it. Once you have purchased a course, you will be directed to the members' page where you can view all the courses you have purchased. Additionally, you will be able to access a dashboard showing the progress of your courses, including those in progress and those completed. For courses in progress, you will see a progress bar visualizing the completion rate as a percentage. Once again, thanks to all of you who have participated in our (VOC) voice of the customer feedback.

online lean six sigma courses and certifications

When you purchase more than one course, you will have an overview of all purchased courses and your progress.

As a member of the WAVE website, you will also have free access to the tool vault with tutorials to all the Lean Six Sigma tools which you can access at any time when performing you live projects in your organization.

I am looking forward to hearing about your new user experience!


Just like last year, the most sold course for managers and employees is the “Presentation & Communication Skills” course.

Ideal for individuals who lead business meetings, video calls, and presentations on stage, this course offers comprehensive guidance:

· It will show you how to further improve the way you present and create slides. The two go hand in hand.

· Learn how to enhance both your presentation delivery and slide creation.

· If presenting makes you nervous, we've got some excellent tips for you!

· Learn impactful strategies for starting presentations and concluding them memorably.

· Discover impactful ways to start and memorable ways to conclude your presentation.

· There is a special focus on optimizing technical setups and room configurations for presentations in video conferencing settings.

· Practical tips for simplifying key message communication.

· Participants will also receive a downloadable checklist summarizing key action points from this training.

For a quick overview, watch this 1.5-minute video: Trailer – Presentation & Communication Skills

lean six sigma business case study

In the Projects section on the WAVE website, my team and I are engaged in 2 compelling long-term projects:

1. Project: Sustainability for Companies:

If your company is committed to advancing its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing its carbon footprint, or if you're interested in enhancing your organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we invite you to explore our project page on Sustainability for Companies. I’m more than happy to discuss these exciting topics with you. Discover more by visiting: Sustainability for Companies.

Customer Project Example: Reduce plastic consumption for each passenger travelling with the airline.

Initial Problem: The airline currently discards an average of 21 plastic items per flight for each passenger.

The airline transports 150 million passengers per year. That equals to single-use plastic items thrown away annually.

Goal: Reduce the number of plastic items discarded per passenger to 3 or fewer per flight.

Ensure that the total single-use plastic items thrown away per year do not exceed 450,000,000.

Solution: Review all processes involving plastic materials associated with each passenger, that are thrown away at the end of each flight by:

· Analyze plastic consumption in the end-to-end passenger processes.

· Introduce alternative options.

· Eliminate non-needed plastics.

· Encourage passengers to use refillable bottles that can be filled at the airport.

· Implement metal cutlery that can be washed and reused after each flight.

· Provide reusable cups for each passenger.

· And more!

Results: Plastic consumption per passenger decreased from 21 to 1 item!

Through a continuous improvement initiative, this number is forecasted to go down to zero.

2. Project: Health, Happiness, and Planet:

At WAVE, we're driven not just by the goal of enhancing your business performance, but also by a deep commitment to your overall well-being, happiness, and the health of our planet. That's why we've dedicated a separate project page and a podcast to these essential topics. Here, you'll discover practical tips and valuable insights on boosting your energy, improving your health, and adopting habits that contribute to a healthier environment.

Here is an overview of the previous episodes we recently featured. Our analytics skyrocketed thanks to our incredible guests.

Podcast interview with fitz koehler and andrew pace

juan steigerwald customer service quote

Keep an eye out for our next updates in a few weeks, where I'll share further exciting developments with you.

Best regards,


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