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During the course:

* You can participate during the time that fits best for you

* No travel costs

* You define your own pace

* You can start immediately and no need to wait for a classroom training

* If you are doing a certification program, then you will be guided 1-1 through video-call coaching sessions and your project will bring measurable results for the company

* In the certification program you have live chat feature with your coach

* Continuous tracking of certification progress bar

* Access to group Q&A sessions

Post certification:

* You will enjoy the new lean and efficient process

* Happier customers and employees

* Savings (generally higher measurable benefits than the training investment)

* Reduced process risk 

* Improved company culture

* Increased skills and global market value

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2 new videos:
  • A new refreshing way to look at the 8 wastes with fun examples
  • Key tools used in each phase of a Six Sigma project?
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Access to LSS tool vault
Here you will find a compilation of all Six Sigma tools with descriptions, short videos, 3 do's and 3 don'ts. 


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White Belt Training
If you've been wondering what all the hype is about regarding Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, this basic training is the ideal for you. In just a few hours, you'll learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma and its history, get to know about the different "belts" and much more. 
Clock Gears
Lean Practitioner Certification

If things aren't running smoothly at work and you feel that daily processes aren't making people happy due to a lot of rework, then Lean training may be the perfect course.

You'll have the opportunity to optimize processes through your project and earn your Lean Practitioner certification. 

Green Belt Certification

Do you work in a company and would like to do a small project to improve processes in your work environment? All you need to do is invest 10% of your time for a few months.

Are you ready to impress on your supervisor how an investment in your training can generate 2-3 times its return? GB certification is the first step to find out if working on projects is your cup of tea or not :-) 

Black Belt.jpg
Black Belt Certification

Do you work more than 50% of your time on projects and are not Black Belt certified?

Or are you thinking about career advancement to a project management role? Then this course is perfect for you!

You will learn the skills to remove the most difficult business problems and coach Green Belts.

You will receive an internationally recognized BB certification that will increase your market value.

Tae Kwan Do Belt
Master Black Belt Certification

Have you been a BB for over 2 years and enjoy coaching people, teaching and facilitating courses?

Do you enjoy working with all levels of the organization and would like to know what is the next step in your career development? Then this Master Black Belt certification is for you :-)

Spring Cherry Blossom
Workshop Facilitation (KAIZEN)

KAIZEN is a Japanese word for Continuous Improvement. 
Whenever you want to make an improvement, it can be done through a workshop together with colleagues who are involved in the process. In this course, you will learn more tools and techniques to make your workshops more effective.

It is especially valuable for those of you who are new to workshop facilitation.

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Change Management Training

If you are working on projects or implementing a program or initiative in your company, you may encounter roadblocks. 
This course will give you many useful tips and tricks on how to reduce the resistance coming from your organization and you will be able to achieve your goals more effectively. 

A presentation at the office
Presentation & Communication Skills

Do you happen to create presentations in your company? Do you then present them to someone? Do you also present via video conference and want them to be the best they can be? Do you give presentations in a conference room or on a stage? If you answered "YES" to one of the above, then this course will definitely add value!

Notepad on Desk
How to Find a Good Lean Six Sigma Project

In a search for the perfect project, there are several things to consider. 
This short training will give you further impulses on how to find the perfect Lean Six Sigma projects.

Modern Conference Room
How to Effectively Lead a Challenging Group Meeting 

If you hold regular meetings and happen to have demanding participants, I'm sure you'll get some take-aways from this short training. These simple techniques will bring more harmony to your meetings.

Image by Damian Zaleski
How to Successfully Coach Lean Six Sigma Practitioners (GB/BB)

Are you a Black Belt or Master Black Belt who provides coaching to other Lean Six Sigma practitioners? 
If so, this short training will give you the basics on how to prepare for coaching sessions, how to conduct coaching and what follows each session.  

Image by Antonio Janeski
How to Inspire Your Project Team Members to Collaborate

Are you working on projects, or company initiatives?

If "yes", this short training will give you some interesting tips and tricks on how to motivate and inspire everyone involved to increase their collaboration with you. 

Image by Markus Winkler
Hypothesis Testing for Six Sigma Projects

Did you complete your Six Sigma GB, BB or MBB certification some time ago and would like a refresher on hypothesis testing? Or maybe you weren't 100% sure how hypothesis testing works and how to use Minitab statistical software? If so, this short course is perfect for you :-) 

Two Men in Office
How to Efficiently Present Your Action Plan to Management 

Have you completed your workshop and successfully created an action plan, but aren't sure how to present it to management? 
This short course will give you some great tips on how to effectively present the results and agree on next steps. 

The Basics of Process Capability

Was your LSS training a few years back and you've already forgotten how to measure process capability or don't remember much about sigma shift? 
If so, this short course will be a great refresher for you :-)

Individual Custom Made Training

If you would like to create a new customized digital training for your company, we invite you to contact WAVE. 
We can create a presentation according to your corporate design, use examples from your projects and use specifically those elements that are used in your organization. We can create any type of file (for example, SCORM files) that can be uploaded to your company's learning management system (LMS). Check out our amazing offers.

We make the invoicing and payment process easy for you.

Courses can be purchased and paid for directly at WAVE academy using a debit or credit card.
If the course is paid for by your company then we will handle the correspondence with your procurement team and the local purchasing team. We will send a purchase order number that will be placed on the invoice for your Finance department to process the invoice to release payment. In some companies, this is handled by the training and development team in the Human Resources department. If your company has a different invoicing process, we will adapt to your corporate standards. 
You, as a course participant, don't have to worry about any of these extra tasks, because at WAVE we have it taken care of :-)

If you have any questions, please contact us

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