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Sustainability Program at WAVE

We are seriously serious 


•  Help companies meet their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

•  Show businesses how to combine the Lean Six Sigma methodology with their Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives


•  Assist organizations establish successful CSR and SDG programs.


•  Green Belt Eco Certification

•  Black Belt Eco Certification


•  Master Black Belt Eco Certification


•  Sustainability training and coaching


•  Coaching of CSR and SDG Deployments.

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We are a digital company that can provide anyone and any business with access to digital training and live coaching sessions.


It has been scientifically and statistically proven that humans contribute to the imbalance in our ecosystem. Our planet and all life on it count on our actions, which we will take from today.



How seriously serious are we?

WAVE Business Excellence Footprint

•  Provides discounts and incentives for companies with sustainable goals

•  Invests part of its revenues in the development of its own environmental projects

•  Implemented a strict travel policy (limited travelling and travel method)

•  Encourages employees to execute their CSR initiatives

•  Allows employees to take time during working hours to participate in CSR events.

The founder and co-founder lead by example in their daily life: They…
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•  Use sustainable products
•  Support sustainable businesses
•  Switched to a 100% plant-based diet in 2015 to reduce the environmental impact on the planet


Environment is also a key priority for WAVE

In todays world, clients look for cooperation with companies that act responsibly towards the environment and our planet. This topic became very important to me in 2010, when I became the head of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team.  

We focused on sustainability projects and received very successful results. It opened my eyes to what we can do for the planet using the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

I was very proud to see that the company I worked for became a leading "green" company in the financial institutions sector and realized that the topic of sustainability is also important to the end-customer. 

 I would like to share best practices with all companies interested in contributing to the "wellbeing" of our planet.  


If each one of us can collectively make an impact...

imagine the impact we could have if all companies around the world decided to be more sustainable.

WAVE's  ambition is to help companies achieve their CSR goals.

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