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  • Process efficiency & cost reduction

  • Quality of your products & services for increased revenues

  • Customer & employee satisfaction

  • Company culture

  • Sustainability of results

  • Environmental impact

  • Business Excellence Program

  • CSR Program

Watch frequently seen videos by managers:

Top 10 mistakes when implementing Six Sigma
Ideal if you...
  • are planning to start a LSS initiative or
  • want to further improve your current program
How to select LSS projects?
  • reduce the risk of selecting projects that bring no value to the company
  • boost your project pipeline with new ideas
How to select your LSS trainees?
  • choose the right candidates for training and certification
  • easy prioritization tips


Martial Arts Class

Yellow Belt / Champion

Are you planning to have someone from your team go through Lean Six Sigma training or would you like to sponsor an LSS project? 
Is LSS already being implemented in your organization and would you like to learn the basics? Are you curious to learn more about it? Then YB training is perfect for you as a manager. 

Chess Game
LSSfM - Lean Six Sigma for Manager Certification

Do you want a certification tailored to your leadership role? 
This certification program will enable you to implement a Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement mindset in your team. You will have the tools to set new annual goals for your team members and receive regular coaching. At the end of this certification, you will have measurable before and after results in the 5 dimensions of your business area.

Earth Projection

Deployment Champion

This step-by-step coaching program will help you create a customized deployment for your organization. 

Image by Sunnyday Pictures

Change Management Training

If you are working on projects or implementing a program or initiative in your company, you may encounter roadblocks. 
This course will give you many useful tips and tricks on how to reduce the resistance coming from your organization and you will be able to achieve your goals more effectively. 

A presentation at the office

Presentation & Communication Skills

Do you happen to create presentations in your company? Do you then present them to someone? Do you also present via video conference and want them to be the best they can be? Do you give presentations in a conference room or on a stage? If you answered "YES" to one of the above, then this course will definitely add value!

Notepad on Desk

How to Find a Good Lean Six Sigma Project

In a search for the perfect project, there are several things to consider. 
This short training will give you further impulses on how to find the perfect Lean Six Sigma projects.


Individual Custom Made Training

If you would like to create a new customized digital training for your company, we invite you to contact WAVE. 
We can create a presentation according to your corporate design, use examples from your projects and use specifically those elements that are used in your organization. We can create any type of file (for example, SCORM files) that can be uploaded to your company's learning management system (LMS).

Check out our amazing offers.

Do you:
- Want to develop and retain your best employees? 
- Have potential high performers in your team?
- Have already trained Lean Six Sigma practitioners? 

If yes, click the button below to check out the training offerings for employees.
You will find interesting courses that will motivate and further develop your team members who will bring even more results to your business excellence program.


We make the invoicing and payment process easy for you.

Courses can be purchased and paid for directly at WAVE academy using a debit or credit card.

If the course is paid for by your company then we will handle the correspondence with your procurement team and the local purchasing team. We will send a purchase order number that will be placed on the invoice for your Finance department to process the invoice to release payment. In some companies, this is handled by the training and development team in the Human Resources department. If your company has a different invoicing process, we will adapt to your corporate standards. 

You, as a course participant, don't have to worry about any of these extra tasks, because at WAVE we have it taken care of.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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