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Hi, I am Juan,
certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and founder of WAVE and this is my journey.

I started my career at American Express in 2000 in the operations department, and shortly after my manager asked me if I would be interested in participating in the Lean Six Sigma program. I knew immediately that it would be a good investment in my career development and I wasn't wrong as the methodology became my passion and I decided to learn everything about it.

Since my trip to Japan where I witnessed firsthand the implementation of Lean methods in Toyota factory, I have been continuously improving the Lean Six Sigma strategy for many organizations in various countries and different business sectors, including financial institutions, automotive, insurance, real estate, stock market, car leasing, consulting, IT, service industry supporting projects in all business areas, such as finance, IT, risk, HR, operations, sales, and marketing, to name a few.

Later, when I joined BNP Paribas, I established and led various departments, including Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. I worked as their Chief Quality Officer, where I led the Business Excellence team in the role of Chief Quality Officer.

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In 2020, I founded a digital training company called, WAVE-Business Excellence Footprint, to which I am now fully dedicated.

My goal is to serve two main customers:

The first client is an ambitious employee hungry to learn and grow within the organization, who I want to provide the same opportunities that I had at the beginning of my career. I have learned a lot of lessons since 2000, and I would like to teach them shortcuts and techniques to boost their career plan and bring additional value to the company.


The second group of clients is management, to whom I provide the skills and techniques to create a successful Business Excellence program in their organization. A well-structured program will reduce process costs, increase revenue, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

My personal experience comes from both worlds, as I was a junior employee participating in a global deployment program, and a decade later I was a C-level manager leading those rollouts.


I'm excited to teach both groups of my customers the best way to align their future.

WAVE is here to train and certify employees at all levels of the organization so they can be part of the company's culture of business excellence and continuous improvement.

We have the right training for you, whether you are a beginner, a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner, a team leader or a senior manager.