Hi, I am Juan,
certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and founder of WAVE.
 At WAVE; we can help you succeed in achieving your goals of business excellence.


I've lived 19 years in South America, 21 years in Germany and since a couple of years I have been living with my family on the beautiful Spanish coast, but working globally. 

I started my professional career by completing an apprenticeship at Kühne & Nagel, where I   studied international logistics / freight forwarding.


In 2000 I started working at American Express and after a short time, my manager decided to send me to a  Lean Six Sigma training which changed my life and career forever. This methodology has become my passion and I decided to learn all about it.

I even travelled to Japan to experience the Toyota production system and to learn how they implemented these methods in their organization.  

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Since then, I have been continuously improving the Lean Six Sigma strategy for many organizations from various business sectors, such as in financial institutions, automotive industry, insurance companies, real estate, stock market, car leasing, consulting, IT, service industry and more.

Working for four large multinational companies, I've had the opportunity to carry out projects in different parts of the world and learn different deployment methods that best fit their culture and mindset. 

I also spent many years in a well known consulting company, where I introduced the Lean Six Sigma methodology, certified consultants and offered our services in all European Countries. 

Later, when I moved to BNP Paribas, I set up various departments, including Continuous Improvement, Innovation and CSR. A few years later I worked as their Chief Quality Officer, where I lead a cross-entity Business Excellence team. 

From 2020, I have been fully devoted to WAVE - Business Excellence Footprint.