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Why is Lean in high demand, and how can you apply the stakeholder analysis tool?

Updated: May 10

Lean Six sigma business monthly newsletter

Dear Manager,

I'm excited to bring you this month's updates.

We had the privilege of interviewing further interesting podcast guests.

In episode 13 we spoke with Mark Graban, an internationally recognized consultant, author, and Senior Advisor to KaiNexus. With a background in engineering and management, Mark applies Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies across diverse industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and technology startups. As the founder of He has been an accomplished writer and podcaster since January 2005.

Mark's notable publications include "Lean Hospitals" and "Healthcare Kaizen," both recipients of the prestigious Shingo Research Award. He's also the editor of "Practicing Lean" and the author of "Measures of Success." In our podcast, he discusses his latest book, "The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation."

Tune in for insights from a true expert in Lean and Continuous Improvement!

podcast interview with Mark Graban and Doug Thompson

In episode 14 we featured Doug Thompson, a seasoned storyteller and TEDx Speaker from Austin, Texas. Doug shared insights into the art of storytelling, offering valuable tips and tricks to enhance your presentation and meeting skills. With a wealth of experience, he specializes in making complex topics understandable for everyone.

Formerly the Director Technology Strategist and Artificial Intelligence Ambassador at Microsoft for over two decades, Doug now serves as the Chief Education Architect at Tanium. Additionally, he hosts The Doug Thompson Podcast, where he continues to share his wealth of knowledge.

I believe these two new episodes will greatly contribute to your continuous improvement efforts.

Lean six sigma business tips and trick

This month, we'll delve into the stakeholder analysis tool.

Why use this tool?

To encourage employees to collaborate with a project or initiative and reduce resistance levels.

When to use this tool?

At the beginning of any project or initiative.

3 Do's and 3 Don’ts:

Do: Keep this document confidential (for the eyes of the project sponsor and project manager only).

Do: Make regular updates (every 1-2 weeks) to see how your support level is doing.

Do: Not ignore those with support level “0”. It would be great if they also had more than “+1” or a “+2”.

Don't: Forget to keep the ones with “+1” or a “+2” support level excited and engaged.

Don't: Forget to save the document in a folder where no one has access to.

Don't: Print out the document. There is always a greater risk that someone will see it. Instead, store it as a soft copy on a secure drive for added confidentiality.

How to use this tool?

Watch my 4-minute video tutorial for a detailed examination of this tool and get a free downloadable template for your convenience. Here is the link:

In case you are not able to enter the tool vault, then you might need to register first. Once registered, then go to the “Define Phase” and select the tool, “Stakeholder Analysis”

Presentation and communication skills.

We're excited to showcase this month's course highlight: Presentation & Communication Skills.

· Ideal for business meetings, video calls and on stage.

· It will show you how to further improve the way you present and create slides. The two go hand in hand.

· Learn how to enhance both your presentation delivery and slide creation.

· If presenting makes you nervous, we've got some excellent tips for you!

· Includes a section on effective body language.

· Discover impactful ways to start and memorable ways to conclude your presentation.

· Special focus on optimizing technical setups and room configurations for video conferencing presentations.

· Practical tips for simplifying key message communication.

· Receive a downloadable checklist summarizing key action points from this training.

For a quick overview, watch this 1.5-minute video: Trailer – Presentation & Communication Skills

Lean six sigma business case studies

In the Projects section on the WAVE website, my team and I are engaged in 2 compelling long-term projects:

1. Sustainability for Companies:

If your company is committed to advancing its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing its carbon footprint, or if you're interested in enhancing your organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we invite you to explore our project page on Sustainability for Companies. I’m more than happy to discuss these exciting topics with you. Discover more by visiting: Sustainability for Companies

Project Example: Reduce paper consumption

Initial Problem: A financial institution was using 26 tons of paper annually.

Goal: Reduce paper usage from 26 tons to less than 1 ton per year.

Solution: Reviewed all processes involving paper usage and implemented:

· Analyzed paper consumption in all end-to-end processes, introducing alternative solutions.

· Introduced incentives for customers to choose paperless options.

· Upgraded the customer app to download documents to the phone.

· Improved the company website for electronic document access.

· Established paperless communication channels with clients.

· Implemented electronic signature software.

· Transitioned to paperless finance and invoicing.

Results: Above improvements led to an annual paper consumption of only half a ton.

2. Health, Happiness, and Planet Podcast:

At WAVE, we're driven not just by the goal of enhancing your business performance, but also by a deep commitment to your overall well-being, happiness, and the health of our planet. That's why we've dedicated a separate project page and a podcast to these essential topics. Here, you'll discover practical tips and valuable insights on boosting your energy, improving your health, and adopting habits that contribute to a healthier environment.

Here is an overview of the previous episodes we recently featured. Our analytics skyrocketed thanks to our incredible guests.

podcast interview with Kat Novotna and Kristine Ovsepian

Juan steigerwald improvement quote of the month

Keep an eye out for a brief update in four weeks, where I'll share exciting developments with you.

Best regards,


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