W h i t e   B e l t   /   A w a r e n e s s   ( B a s i c )   T r a i n i n g

For whom?

  • Training is meant for everyone

What will I learn?

  • You will learn the basics of the Lean and Six Sigma principles

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Discover the 5 project phases (DMAIC) and key tools

  • What are the ideal Lean Six Sigma projects

Why is this training valuable?

  • You will learn the basic Lean Six Sigma methodology, mindset and tools

  • Find out whether this topic brings you value

  • Discover how to further progress 

  • If Lean Six Sigma is being used in your company then you will:

    • be able to understand what others are doing

    • be able to speak the same language as your colleagues

    • understand the workshops

How much does it cost?

  • Please contact me for a price calculation as it can vary, depending on the            number of training sessions or if it is meant to be a custom-made e-learning for your organization

  • For a single user the price is € 98,- netto

Duration of the course?

  • 3 hours

 Included Add-Ons

  • You will receive the training documentation package 

  • Basic templates ready to be used in your daily work 

  • Access to a live Q&A sessions post training participation

  • White Belt Participation Certificate