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Unlike classical e-learning modules, WAVE digital training sessions resemble a real classroom training

5 main pillars of WAVE services


Here you will find a selection of our standardized digital trainings. You can also request a custom made training for your organization


In hybrid training, we combine digital training with coaching sessions, so that new skills can be used in practice




These courses are combined with digital training with 1-1 project coaching sessions and will bring results for your company and clients. You will receive a certificate recognizable on the market.




Interesting short courses for anyone looking to add further value to their business / career


Here you will find a list of coaching options when you need a professional advisor for Lean Six Sigma project managers, change agents, innovation, sustainability and more


Do you know the most common tools that are used in Green Belt and Black Belt projects? Check out here for free.

Most commun tools for Green Belts and Bl

Benefits for the organization

During the certification process:

* Employees do not need to be taken out of their daily work to attend a seminar (usually between 1-4 weeks)

* No travel costs

* A real project will be completed for the certification process, which will bring measurable results for the company

* The financial benefits will surpass the certification costs

* Trainee receives a coach who will guide him/her through their project to guarantee quality results 

Post certification benefits:

* A lean and efficient processes

* Happy customers and employees

* Savings

* Reduced process risk 

* Improved company culture

* Increased employee skills

Thinking of Ideas

Benefits for the employee

* Ability to receive training at anytime and from anywhere

* Employee defines their own pace

* Immediate start possible / No waiting time for the classroom training sessions

* Live chats with their quality coach coach

* Increased skills 

* Live tracking of certification progress

* Career development

* Access to group Q&A sessions 

* 1-1 personalized coaching via Skype, Whatsapp, Webex, Teams, Zoom or any other digital media

Learning methods

Every person has their own learning style. That is why each certification covers various learning methods:
* watch/observe (training videos)
* listen/audio 
* theory (studying the training documentation)
* learning by doing (executing a real project)
* gamification
* coaching (1-1 sessions from anywhere)
* creativity/writing documentation (create project packages)
* live sessions with other trainers after training (regular Q&A sessions)

In year 2008 I met Juan and he introduced me to Lean Six Sigma. It changed not only my professional path, but also my mind-set. To be a good Lean Six Sigma Manager it is  not only about the processes, but also about continuously improving your emotional intelligence. Great part of my success is thanks to my coach and I will always be grateful for this. 

O. C.
Project Manager & Certified Black Belt
Leasing Solutions

Since we introduced Lean Six Sigma, my processes are more efficient, clients are happier and my employees are extremely satisfied with the new business environment. This is a cycle that strengthens day by day. Company culture has never been better.


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