​P r e s e n t a t  i o n   S k i  l l s    T r a i n i n g

For whom?

  • For anyone who needs to make presentations,   workshops or facilitate meetings

What will I learn?

  • Improve body language-communication

  • Reduce stress levels before & during a presentation

  • Do´s and don’ts when presenting

  • How to analyze and pinpoint your own improvement areas

  • Assess your progress

Why is this training valuable?

  • This training can teach you how to:

    • use the proper body language to get the message across

    • feel more confident when giving presentations

    • cause less distractions for the viewers so they can focus on the content

    • further improve your presentation style

    • remove your “blind spots”

How much does it cost?

  • Please contact me for a price calculation as it can vary, depending on the number of training sessions or if it is meant to be a custom-made e-learning for your organization

  • For a single user, the price is € 495,- netto

Duration of the course?

  • 1-hour online course

  • 2 presentation skills coaching sessions

 Included Add-Ons

  • You will receive the training documentation package 

  • Road map to focus on your personal presentation improvement areas

  • Presentation Skills training completion certificate