L e a n   P r a c t i t i o n e r   C e r t i f i c a t i o n

For whom?

For those who:

  • would like to work 5% - 10% of their time on one Lean   project for 3-5 months

  • are interested in improving their working environment 

  • would like to add more value to their company

  • would want to learn how to facilitate KAIZEN  workshops

What will I learn?

  • You will learn how to facilitate (KAIZEN) workshops

  • Change Management concepts & tools

  • Select Lean projects

  • Presentation skills

  • Lean Methodology

  • Continuous Improvement

Why is this training valuable?

  • It will create a positive financial impact for the company in range between 10k€ and 50k€ (mix between soft savings and hard savings)

  • You will apply the Lean methodology in a project

  • You will increase your skills and receive a certification

  • You will learn how to be pragmatic and find low hanging fruits (quick-wins)

  • You will put your knowledge into practice in a real project

  • You will receive a MBB coach who will ensure successful completion of your project using the WAVE assessment sheet

  • You can decide to continue to a higher certification level (Green / Black Belt) as a career development option

How much does it cost?

  • Please contact me for a price calculation as it can  vary, depending on the number of training sessions or if it is meant to be a custom-made e-learning for your  organization

  • For a single user, the price is € 3.850,- netto

Duration of the course?

  • 14 hours online course combined with

  • 8 coaching sessions (each 60 minutes)

 Included Add-Ons

  • Pre-training project selection workshop (optional if project is not available)

  • 8 coaching sessions scheduled accordingly to your desired project pace

  • Change Management, KAIZEN & Lean training documentation packages

  • Templates ready to be used in your project

  • WAVE approved certification criteria with live progress tracking

  • Access to the Lean community

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Possibility to obtain the Lean Eco Certificate together with a surprise gift