C o r p o r a t e   S o c i a l   R e s p o n s i b i l i t y 

( C S R )   D e p l o y m e n t

For whom?

  • Ideal for those who are responsible to roll-out a CSR program in their organization

What will I learn?

  • How is a solid CSR program structured

  • Why has the CSR topic become now more important than ever

  • How to measure the progress of your CSR initiative

  • How to link your Business Excellence initiative with CSR & sustainability projects

  • Examples of Lean Six Sigma projects linked to CSR &  sustainability

Why is this training valuable?

  • Help you design a successful CSR roll-out for your  organization

  • Demonstrate how Lean Six Sigma can be linked to CSR  projects

  • Reduce carbon footprint of your company

  • Strengthen your client bond by showing them that you care

  • Win new clients by showing them your CSR program

  • Increase employee satisfaction by making them proud to  work for a responsible company

  • Learn how to set measurement indicators linked to CSR

  • Measure and track the maturity degree of your CSR program

How much does it cost?

  • € 1.950,- netto

Duration of the course?

  • 1 hour online course

  • 1 coaching session per month for 6 months

 Included Add-Ons

  • You will receive the training documentation package 

  • 6 coaching sessions at your own pace

  • Obtain a list of the most important documentaries when it comes to the environment

  • CSR training completion certificate