Colleagues at Work

Coaching for Employees

As an employee you might want to know:


  • How can I further develop myself?

  • How do I speak to my manager about a career development plan?

  • What do I need to do to create more value for the company?

  • How do I make my current job more exciting, effective and efficient?

  • Is there a better way in doing things?

In the past years I have helped thousands of employees answer these questions with simple tools and methods.


You can achieve further developments by choosing individual WAVE coaching units or by enjoying one of the training packages, which are linked to coaching sessions.

Coaching for Middle Management

Being in the middle management it can be at times challenging, because you are trying to find the balance between the goals given by senior management and at the same time, you want to fulfill the requirements and needs of your employees. To add more complexity, you also need to find the right management style, by not going too deep into the operational work, but also not being too far away from what is happening. How do you find the right mix? How do you boost employee satisfaction while achieving your targets in a constant changing world?

If you want to find ways to further improve your teams motivation, performance and efficiency, then WAVE has the right tools for you. 


Coaching for Senior Management

As a senior manager you want to make sure that your organization is "healthy." Which means;

Do you have the right company culture?

Are your employees and managers satisfied with their work and processes?

Do you have the right measurement systems in place?

Are you really complying with your customers expectations?

In addition, you might have many other questions, like :

  • How can I manage to continuously become more efficient (reducing my costs) and and the same time increase revenues?

  • How is the mindset of my managers?

  • Do we have a client centric mindset?

  • Do we see problems as opportunities?

  • Do we empower our employees?

  • Do people like working for this company?

  • Are we contributing to something greater than our products and services? Are we being sustainable?

  • What are we doing in order to strengthen this company brand?


There are dozens of other questions that might cross your mind as a senior manager. It would be my pleasure to structure with you your current ambitions and propose an action plan.

Train the Trainer

If you are a trainer in your company, who would like to further improve your workshop or presentation style, then WAVE can create a custom-made "train the trainer" offer for you. Together, we will identify the areas you would like to focus on and create a personalized action plan. This will be a 1-1 coaching and we will use various tools & methods that will bring you to the next level. Guaranteed.

Colleagues at work

These Certifications transformed my career and my life! Juan is an outstanding mentor and coach.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt – Director Business Excellence
BNP Paribas


One of the best training I have ever received!

Lean Practitioner
BNP Paribas


Coaching sessions were always lots of fun and I was able to successfully progress with my project timeline. Juan´s coaching methods are incredibly structured and effective!

Union Investment
Project Manager & Black Belt


When we held the first Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, Juan was one of the co-trainers and delivered the statistics modules for the training. Juan is excellent in making statistics fun by combining it with practice exercises and the catapult simulation. Our Green Belt trainees found it most helpful to understand.

In addition, Juan provided a train-the-trainer session for various Green Belt trainees as well as for myself and it was most appreciated to get another perspective.

Juan always finds an excellent way to best connect with the participants and to make the learnings sustainable, interesting and fun.


Program Manager & Certified LSS Master Black Belt

A large American Bank