Welcome to basic courses ideal for anyone

Presentation & Communication Skills

•  This course is ideal for presenters in business meetings, video calls and on stage

• It will show you how to further improve the way you present and create slides. The two go hand in hand

•  Learn the best techniques on how to improve the look of your presentation slides and how to make it easy for your audience to follow the common thread

• If you're video conferencing regularly, you'll learn how to set up the ideal technical and room configuration as well as best practices for video conferencing presentations

White Structure

Change Management Training

Ideal for for those who are:

  • Working on projects

  • Introducing new initiatives into the company

  • Change agents

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White Belt Training

  • You will learn the basics of the Lean and Six Sigma principles

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Discover the 5 project phases (DMAIC) and key tools

  • What are the ideal Lean Six Sigma projects

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Sustainability Training

What we do:​

•  Help companies meet their sustainability goals​

•  Show businesses how to combine the Lean Six Sigma methodology with CSR projects

•  Help companies establish their CSR and sustainability programs